How We Helped a Marine Company Improve Buoy Monitoring with Our Solutions

We partnered with a leading marine company to enhance their buoy monitoring capabilities by designing and developing an advanced Data Acquisition Unit. This unit aimed to provide comprehensive monitoring of environmental and operational parameters, ensuring optimal performance and safety of Buoys.


Hardware Development

Designing & Manufacturing Hardware with Satellite connectivity & NAVIC GNSS Support

Cloud Development & Deployment

Building and deploying scalable cloud-based applications for seamless data management and integration.

Manufacturing & Lifecycle support

Providing comprehensive manufacturing services and ongoing support to ensure product longevity.

Why us

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Project Highlights

Hardware and Cloud solutions for Buoy Monitoring

GPS Tracking and Geofencing

Solution included GPS tracking with an external antenna for precise location monitoring. Geofencing alerts were implemented to notify the team if a buoy drifted off its predefined course, ensuring immediate action could be taken to prevent any potential issues.

Environmental and Operational Monitoring

The unit was equipped to measure both ambient and buoy-specific light levels, and monitor battery voltages, ensuring reliable operation. Additionally, an optional barometric sensor was included to aid in tsunami detection, enhancing the unit’s utility in diverse marine environments.

Robust and Sustainable Design

The Data Acquisition Unit was housed in an IP68-rated enclosure, making it waterproof and dustproof. We integrated a 30-watt solar panel and a battery controller to ensure sustainable power management. An external GPS antenna improved location accuracy, and a light sensor with a 5-meter cable enabled remote data collection.

Cloud & On Premise Dashboard Development

We developed a comprehensive dashboard for real-time monitoring and data management. This included a variety of features to enhance operational efficiency and visibility.

The solution is built in a Docker container for on-premise installation, ensuring ease of deployment and scalability.

Key Features of the Dashboard

  • Map Display: Real-time tracking of buoy positions on a map.
  • Light Status Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of ambient and buoy light levels.
  • Battery Levels: Displaying the battery status of the unit and buoy light.
  • Environmental Data: Providing graphical representations of wave height or barometric pressure readings.
  • Alert System: Notifications for geofence breaches, light failures, low battery, and environmental changes.
  • Data History: Access to a minimum of three months of data history for analysis and reporting.

Technology Stack

We utilized Node.js and JavaScript for a responsive and interactive frontend, and a NoSQL for efficient data storage and management for the Marine IoT Solution.

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