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Turn your ideas into reality: We are a team of experienced engineers who can help you bring your product ideas to life.

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Powering innovation across industries

At RNDSquare, we believe that technology has the power to transform any industry. That’s why we’re dedicated to developing innovative solutions that help businesses of all sizes to grow and succeed.

Our Services

RNDSquare Services for successful product engineering

3D Modelling

We transform your concepts into vivid 3D models, ensuring precise design representation and streamlined development.

Schematic & PCB Layout

Our team delivers efficient and precise schematic designs and PCB layouts for optimal electronic performance.

Software Development

We cover everything from  embedded firmware to  IoT Cloud stack,  ensuring seamless integration

Product Manufacturing

With modern facilities and expertise, we bring your product designs to life, emphasizing quality and scalability.

Certification support

We provide comprehensive guidance through industry regulations, ensuring your products achieve global compliance.

Lifecycle Support

We offer enduring support throughout your product’s lifecycle, ensuring its sustained performance and relevance in dynamic markets.

We’re a team of passionate engineers who turn ideas into innovative products, from concept to market.Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you bring your product to life.




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Our process begins with an in-depth consultation to understand your needs. We then move to design, prototyping, and testing. Once approved, we assist with sourcing components and oversee the manufacturing phase, ensuring quality at every step.

Your IP’s security is paramount to us. We sign non-disclosure agreements at the outset and have strict internal protocols to ensure your intellectual property remains confidential.

Our pricing is in two model turnkey-based & retainer based, factoring in complexity and required resources.  It typically takes 3-6 months from design to prototype. We’ll provide a detailed quote and timeline after our initial consultation.

We offer a range of post-design services, including iterative refinements, manufacturing handoff, and support for post-launch modifications. Our aim is to ensure your product’s success even after it hits the market.

Over 25000+ products in the market are powered by our Tech.

Driven by our cutting-edge R&D technology, we’ve successfully integrated our technological prowess into more than 25000+ products, showcasing our significant impact and presence in the market.

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